Delayed Planting, 1st Calf of the Year

We had planned to plant sugar snap peas, potatoes, and onions this past week, but the weather didn’t agree with us.  With the low temperatures in the forecast we didn’t want to run the risk of our seed rotting in the damp, cold soil.  We should be able to plant this weekend if we don’t get too much rain later in the week (or snow tomorrow!).  Pictured below is the area we will plant in vegetables for 2014.  As you can see we are expanding the size of of our garden, from 1/8 of an acre in 2013 to right around an acre this year!  We also plan to plant an acre of sweet corn in a different location.      

pic 1

We spent a good deal of time preparing 250 foot of fencerow to plant in peas next week.  Owen Golliher helped Joe tackle the job of preparing the soil.  Pictured below is Owen hard at work.   

pic 2

After a couple of hours here is what it looked like.  This should help the ground to dry out and warm up faster.  We will work the soil again right before we plant the peas. 

pic 3

Some of our onion sets and seed potatoes.  Pictured below is 32 pounds of onion sets and 50 pounds of Yukon Gold seed potatoes.  We will plant 50 pounds of red potatoes too.

pic 4

Early last week we had our first calf of the year at Golliher Farms.  13 year old cow “Super Star” had her 11th calf.  This bull calf might end up as your freezer beef next year!  It takes around 2 years from the time of conception until the calf is ready to butcher.  We have a lot of time invested in each calf we raise to provide our customers with beef, but it is worth the work.  Between preparing the garden for the planting of cool season vegetables and the arrival of many more new calves, we should have enough to keep us busy until it is time to plant the warm season vegetables!    

pic 5

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