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Dry Aged Beef

Our Angus beef is raised on pasture, with supplemental Non-GMO grains.  We use no antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

After slaughter our beef is allowed to dry age for 2 – 3 weeks.  This process where the carcass hangs in a controlled environment produces tender and flavorful beef.  Dry aging has largely been done away with due to the higher costs.

Click HERE for prices by the cut.

We offer freezer beef by the whole, half & quarter.  See above to order.


Ordering Freezer Beef

Order now to reserve your beef! This non-refundable deposit will be taken off your total when you pick up your beef. All of the beef comes from our farm, so quantities are limited. Your beef will be custom cut to your specifications. We will contact you when your calf goes in to go through your cutting options. When your beef is ready you can choose to pick up at the farm or at the Richmond Farmer’s Market.

Our freezer beef is $6.50/lb for the beef you get back plus processing costs. You can expect about 125 pounds of beef per quarter, 250 pounds per half, or 500 pounds for a whole. Keep in mind this amount will vary slightly depending on the weight of the animal! Take a look at a recent half beef we had done to get an idea of pricing and cuts.


Half Beef Example (Double everything for a whole, divide by 2 for a quarter)

Sirloin Steak – 16.49# (10 steaks)

Sirloin Tip Steak – 6.98# (9 steaks)

Round Steak – 18# (10 steaks)

Brisket – 5.8# (1 package)

Rolled Rump Roast – 6.14# (2 roasts)

Cubed Steak 3.97# (4 packages)

Ground Beef – 124# (124 packages)

Porterhouse – 10.15# (10 steaks)

T-bone – 9.11# (10 steaks)

Rib Steak – 16.65# (19 steaks)

Chuck Roast – 34# (13 roasts)

Arm Roast – 9.83# (5 roasts)

Soup Bones – 4.94# (6 packages)

266.06 pounds of beef total x $6.50 = $1729.39

$1729.39 + $326.32 processing costs = $2055.71

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