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Free Range Chicken

Our Cornish-Cross chickens are allowed to free range, and eat our own non-GMO grain. We use no antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

Our birds take about twice as long to grow because they are more active.  This allows a stronger chicken flavor to develop, and produces a firm yet tender meat.

Click HERE for prices by the cut.

See above to order bulk chicken at a discounted price.


Ordering Bulk Chicken

Order now to reserve your birds!  This non-refundable deposit will be taken off your total when you pick up your chicken.  All of the chicken comes from our farm, so quantities are limited.  You can choose between whole birds, or pre-cut whole birds.  When your chicken is ready you can choose to pick up at the farm or at the Richmond Farmer’s Market.

Our bulk chicken is $3.00/lb for whole birds or $3.50/lb for pre-cut wholes.  You can expect the chickens to average about 5 pounds each.  Take a look at a few examples to get an idea of pricing on bulk chicken.


10 Whole Chickens

10 chickens x 5 lbs each = 50 pounds.

50 lbs x $3.00 = $150

20 pre-cut Wholes

20 chickens x 5 lbs each = 100 pounds.

100 lbs x $3.50 = $350

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