Sunflower Field

2020 Sunflower Field Update!

Our opening day for the year is expected to be August 15th, depending on how the flowers progress. Like and follow our Facebook page for updates!

We already have as many flowers planted as last year, and are currently planting even more to extend the season. This year we planted 75,000 zinnias to add some color/variety. 

New for 2020: Baby goat barn right by the field! Check our Facebook page for scheduled feeding times to see the kids drink a bottle!

It was April of 2019 that Joe Golliher decided to plant a field of sunflowers for his girlfriend, Aubri. Sunflowers are her favorite flower and Joe was looking for new cover crop ideas. Why not? 

Many more seeds were planted than originally intended. As the sunflowers started to bloom in late July, a spectacular display of blooms took over the farm.

Over 2,000 people visited the field on our first year in 2019. The number of flowers (over 1,000,000) and our many unique colors make for an unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for updates on the 2020 sunflower field. We plan to double the size! Look for an opening date around July 1st!

  • Admission: $5/person
  • Pick Your Own Bouquet: $5 more (we supply jars, water and snips!)

We welcome professional photographers and their clients for the same admission fee as the general public. Multiple bouquets can be picked at a discount for special occasions or events.

Do you want a wedding in the sunflower field in 2020? Contact us for availability. Separate areas will be planted with sunflowers just for weddings and other events!

Check out our Instagram for visitor pictures!